Tuesday, April 5, 2011

London Town...

Well, I'm back in Melbourne after a great 2 week visit to the UK and, unbelievably, it didn't rain once! It's a beautiful time of year to visit the UK with spring rearing her head in delight.  The blossom on the trees was in abundance giving a wonderful aroma and there were sunny yellow daffodils everywhere, quite in tune with what's happening there in fashion right now.

Although we were busy catching up with our family and some very close and dear friends, my eyes were extremely busy trying to take in all that fashion had to offer.

Some of my findings...

I do love and miss the British High Street. Although the styles around were not hugely different to the styles currently here, the prices were lower and there was more choice.

As we are approaching winter in Australia, it was difficult to shop whilst I was there as the UK shops were full of summer clothes and swimwear.  The main theme seemed to be that of the floral print (take note to  remember this for when Aussie spring comes knocking).

Apart from the florals, there were lots of geometric prints around, colour is definately holding her own.  If you didn't like pattern then there was plenty of colour blocking, think fruity shades of sorbet.  

H & M - (Hennes & Mauritz) The reported loss in profit didn't seem noticable as the stores were bustling.  Full to the top of florals and light flowing fabrics, there was something for everyone and all reasonably priced.  Apparently H & M is hoping to be gracing us with its presence on our (Aussie) shores sometime soon...yay!!!  http://www.hm.com/

For those of you that were teenagers in the early 80's (in the UK) like myself, a blast from the past is that "Chelsea Girl" is making a return to the British High Street, can't wait to see what they will have on offer.

Loved having a mooch in Accessorize, a jewellry and accessories store. It's like walking into an Aladin's cave.  http://www.accessorize.com/   There were some really lovely bits for kids and their mother's alike.

Some of my favourite places are the quirky little streets in London that take me back to a previous life, take a peek...

The interior of Liberty's in all her glory

The coolest little "mod" shop, full of ska and mod suits...eat your heart out rude boys !

Just love this pub sign  

As much as I hold a torch in my heart for London, I have to say that Melbourne is a real hub for fashion in Australia.  Some parts of Australia have a kind of "white jean/gold sandal" feel, whereas Melbourne has more of an edgy/creative feel.  I am looking forward to sharing some of what Melbourne has to offer in future posts.  


  1. Very nice pics!
    I followed you as well!
    I'm going to Europe this summer- any good shopping suggestions for London?!
    xx Lauren

  2. Oh I miss the London shops!!!
    Following you now :)

    Love Charlie

  3. I love these photos. I am an enthusiast of all things British and Australian.