Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Kate going to Glastonbury?

 Michael Eavis

I don't usually like to dwell on celebrity gossip, but I think that this story is great!

Glastonbury organiser, 76 year old farmer Michael Eavis, has reportedly banned the Playstation VIP Tent that Ms Moss and her posse usually take over.

The Daily Mirror quoted a source as saying: "Michael feels Glastonbury has already become too middle class and gentrified, and is adamant that the festival continues to attract a range of ages, ethnicities and classes.

And speaking about the PlayStation Tent, the source added: "For the first time, Michael has put his foot down, and the area is now notably absent from the site. He doesn't want big capitalist companies dominating the site, profiting off the back of his event. Similarly, Kate is welcome to attend but only if she mucks in with everyone else, and doesn't insist upon any special treatment."

Well, as a "previous life festival attender" I can totally see his point.  When I used to grace the festivals with my presence a good 20 years ago the "celebrity thang" hadn't really kicked in.  I think that Michael Eavis has made a good call in trying to "keep it real".

What do you think?