Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I began thinking about accessories the other day, about how I wanted to show some of the cool pieces around at the moment. It's not just clothes that put me in my "fairytale trance", accessories do it too.  Accessories can make or break an outfit and are a cheap way of breathing new life into your image. 

My mind began to wander back to the past to the time when I was about 8yrs old.  I remembered a tin my mum used to have, she used to keep her "special" jewellry inside it and keep it at the top of her wardrobe.  I remembered the feeling of excitement of when I was allowed to look through the tin and try on the jewellry. I felt like a princess, they were special moments.  I still get that feeling when I see certain pieces of jewellry nowadays. 

I drifted back to the present day and thought of how MY daughter likes to have a riffle through my jewellry "drawer" (not tin!), I see her face all dreamy, like a magpie that has spotted the silver, and I hope, just hope, that she remembers that dreamy feeling when she's all grown up...

"glittering prize"

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