Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manbags are go...

My husband so needs a manbag, I always end up with his wallet, keys and phone in my bag when we go out, it puts the straps of my bag under too much strain!!  It's socially acceptable in Italy for men to have manbags and I must say they look very chic (not at all "girly" as my husband  might think).  In the early 90's some men used to carry messenger bags but unfortunately that phase seemed to disappear.

How delighted was I to read  that Mulberry will be releasing a range of modern day manbags that will be flexible and masculine.  Other labels such as Brioni, Tom Ford and Zegna have also recognised the emerging market for mens accessories.  I can't be the only woman fed up of carrying her husbands essentials in her bag, can I?

"Ted" manbag by Mulberry


  1. I love the mulberry bag!
    nice Blog!
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  2. Love the bag... if only Mulberry were in a more reasonable price range!

  3. It's the same thing in Brazil. The men think bags is just for women! I always think that it's an excuse to don't carry much weight. Hehe. Give him a bag! ^^


  4. How I understand you! Last Christmas I had a resolution and I offered my boyfriend a FRAITAG bag, now the situation is changed, I sometimes give him my thigs and he can't bare it :D ahahah

    following u on bloglovin, folllow me too? ;)



  5. My husband would never carry one - but I am so sick of carting all his stuff around in my bag.

    Thanks for the message via IFB - I am your newest follower :). Your blog is lovely - full of inspiration.